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Run, Jump, and Slide your way through the worst day of your life! You play as Dr.Higgs, a scientist who has made a costly mistake. Creating a Black hole that will stop at nothing until it has devoured everything in its path. Making your way to the end of the universe is your only hope for survival. With your robot companion by your side, a whole lot of anti-matter, and a little bit of hope maybe you can make it. This sure does suck, huh?

Dr.Higgs's great escape is a first-person action platformer created in Unity 5 with a team of 6 people. It  was created over the course of 10  weeks as  a UCF Game Design Senior Capstone.



Download and Unzip RTM_GravityWellGames.zip
Double click .exe to open



Zach Bledsoe - Creative Director, 3D Art - Website

Corbin Barney - Producer, Tech Art

Chris Jones - Lead Artist, 3D Art

Alex Golden - 3D Art, UI, Marketing

James Miller - Programming

Zach Mason - Programming, Music/ Sound FX



Graham Hines - Additional Music - Website

Nicholas Benincasa - Voice Acting 


RTM_GravityWellGames.zip 241 MB

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