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The Spirit of Adventure is an isometric dungeon crawler and exploration game where you play as two characters. The first is a lowly villager tasked with eradicating the goblin menace that has moved into the abandoned dungeon down the road, and the second is a friendly wandering spirit that has chosen you as its next companion.

Traverse the dungeon while solving the puzzles and traps the goblins have set up, and defeat the goblin king to save the village.

Created in Unity 5 in 8 weeks with a team of 6 people as the final project for our Game Production class at the University of Central Florida.




- Supports Mouse/Keyboard and Xbox 360/Xbox One input

Zachary Bledsoe - Creative Director and 3D Artist - Website

Alex Cortes - Programmer and FX Artist

Alex Golden - 2D / UI artist and Marketing

Christopher Jones - 2D Artist and Animator

James Miller - Lead Programmer

Patrick O'Rourke - Producer and Tech Artist


TheSpiritOfAdventure_MAC.app.zip 105 MB
TheSpiritOfAdventure_PC.zip 102 MB

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